The right kind of make-up fades and emphasizes just the right things, bringing out your best features. You will receive valuable tips from a professional to take home with you, which will help you to conjure up a personal look even at home. At Sansa, we only use natural cosmetics!

Evening make-up

  • 80 min - 75€

In creating an evening make-up, only your imagination is the limit, and it can be just as electric as you want it to be. The shades of evening make-up are deeper, and it lasts even through a night filled with dancing!

Wedding make-up

  • 80 min - 80€

A happy person is a beautiful person! However, on one of the most memorable days of life, it’s wonderful to surrender to the hands of a professional so you can focus on fully enjoying the day. The right kind of party make-up can withstand flashes of camera lights and even tears of happiness.

Test make-up

  • 30 min - 30€

We want to make sure you feel as good and confident as possible on your important day. For this reason, we recommend test make-up before the actual makeup. With an expert, you can choose exactly the right shades and style, and step into your important day full of confidence.

Day make-up

  • 60 min - 60€

Day make-up is basically low-key makeup that emphasizes your natural beauty and brings out your beautiful features. Day make-up looks glowing beautiful in daylight and your look stays classy all day!