About Us

“Treat yourself as a queen and you’ll attract a king.”

A part of a larger holistic well-being

Sansa Spa is a sister company of the prestigious Namina Wellness Spa. Namina offers oriental wellness services, which are also available at Sansa Spa. The perky little sister naturally expands its service offering to beauty care services with an oriental twist. Sansa Spa also shares the same world of values, which is built on quality service, community, and appreciation of different cultures.

A pampering oasis

Sansa Spa offers pampering oriental massages and a variety of beauty treatments in a unique setting, where you can feel the desert sun and a piece of cloudless sky amidst the cityscape. You can choose the treatment that suits you best or combine your favorite package from the available options.

Professional service and a bubbly atmosphere

At Sansa Spa, we truly feel that well-being is beauty. The most important task of our professionals is to make you feel good and emphasize your naturally beautiful features. A visit to our spa is like an exotic journey where the bubbling rhythm of the music gives the imagination wings and brings a smile to your face. Stop for a moment in our oasis from your hectic everyday-life and enjoy a glass of refreshing mint tea and oriental snacks in peace.