Facial treatments

Well-being and beautiful skin is more than just to please the eye. It is an act of well-being for oneself, after all, the skin is our largest organ. Like our bodies, our skin is unique and needs individual care at different times. If you need advice, our professionals will be happy to help you choose the right treatment for your skin. Whether you implement a regular skin care routine or want a moment of pampering in our atmospheric spa, you are warmly welcomed into our skilled hands.

Sansa’s relaxing facial

  • 60 min - 65€

Every skin type needs moisture to feel good. Sansa’s relaxing facial is very moisturizing and gives your skin the vitality it needs. The treatment begins with an initial cleansing and continues with exfoliation. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage and a moisturizing mask. To complement the well-being of your skin, the treatment is completed with high-quality and natural creams.

Gua Sha Facial

  • 55 min - 89€
  • 85 min - 109€

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that stimulates blood circulation in the treated area and enhances metabolism. Sansa's Gua Sha facial treatment begins with Gua Sha facial massage using a massage oil suitable for the face. The massage itself is done with a traditional Gua Sha spatula. The result is firmer, brighter, and more elastic skin. Lines and wrinkles are smoothened, and facial features appear sharper. After the massage, a face mask is applied to your skin, during which you will receive a pampering hand massage. When the mask is removed, a moisturizing cream will be applied to your face, eye and lip area using a Gua Sha roller. To complete this rejuvenating facial treatment, the therapist will finish off with a relaxing Eastern head massage.

Sansa’s Perfect Facial

  • 90 min - 85€

This treatment package is for the person who wants everything in one package! The comprehensive facial treatment includes an effective but gently exfoliating AHA- acid peel, a mechanical cleansing of the skin followed by a wonderfully relaxing facial massage. After that, your skin is ready to receive a gentle delicious mask. The treatment is crowned by a superbly moisturizing serum. After the treatment, your skin will thank you by receiving attention with its healthy glow! The duration of this treatments is approximately 90 minutes.

Sansa Men Facial

  • 60 min - 65€

Beautiful and healthy skin is also a men's right. The facial peels and cleanses the skin for a long time. Clean skin is also more receptive to care products and keeps skin moisturized for longer. You can choose between a facial cleansing or a relaxing facial massage during the treatment.

Sansa’s youth skin cleansing, under 20-year-old

  • 45 min - 55€

Youth is a wonderful time, but occasionally the hormonal changes associated with growing up may also show up in the skin. In this case, our experts will be happy to help your skin to feel better during these changes. Youth skin cleansing includes initial cleansing, skin peeling, steaming and mechanical cleansing. Finally, nourishing creams are applied to the face to support the treatment.

Sansa’s cleansing facial

  • 60 min - 65€

A cleansing facial is a real rejuvenation of your skin. The effect of the treatment is based on the combined effect of AHA- acid peeling, mechanical cleansing and a skin-pampering mask. Depending on your skin type, our beautician will choose either almost an edible lovely raw chocolate mask or a luxurious gold mask. After the treatment, your skin will glow with purity and freshness.

Sansa’s Quick Facial 30 min

  • 30 min - 45€

Quick facial treatment is the salvation of a busy everyday life! Give yourself a little moment of facial pampering that will invigorate you surprisingly holistically. The treatment includes an initial cleansing, a delicious lovely raw chocolate peel, a luxurious-feeling mask, and the treatment is completed with nourishing creams. And so can everyday life continue with a gentle glow.

Sansa’s special treatment for the skin around the eyes

  • 30 min - 30€

Sensitive skin around the eyes needs a particularly gentle treatment. Proper care also helps maintain youthfulness in the eyes. This special treatment includes an initial cleansing, an eye mask, an eye massage and a nourishing cream. The end result is firmer and velvety soft skin, truly a delight to the eye!

Sansa’s skin analysis

  • 15 min - 25€

Your skin is always with you, but knowing your own skin type is not self-evident. The skin and its needs also vary with age and life situations. We at Sansa are happy to help define your own skin type. The analysis will give you valuable insight on what kind of treatments and home care products your skin needs to look and feel its best. After that, choosing products for yourself feels much simpler.

Sansa’s back cleansing

  • 30 min - 40€

Hormonal changes can cause local impurities, of which the back area is typical. Back skin cleansing progresses from initial cleansing through skin peeling and steaming to mechanical cleansing and finally the skin receives soothing and nourishing creams to protect it.

Sansa’s Perfect facial and pampering manicure

  • 110 min - 95€

This treatment package is for you who wants the perfect pampering treatment from the head to the fingertips! This comprehensive facial treatment includes an effective but gentle exfoliating AHA-acid peel, skin steaming, mechanical skin cleansing, followed by a wonderfully relaxing facial massage. After these, your skin is ready to receive a gentle delicious mask. The facial treatment is crowned by a super moisturizing serum. Pampering continues by treating your hands. The treatment begins with hand peeling and proceeds to treating the nails and cuticles. Next, your nails will get a beautiful color with the nail polish of your choice. Finally, a nourishing mask and moisturizing cream are applied to your hands.

Facial treatment with coloring of lashes and eyebrows

  • 15 min - 19€

After a facial treatment, the feeling is wonderfully fresh and the skin glows with cleanliness. It often makes sense to continue without makeup for days! The permanent coloring of the lashes and eyebrows brings out the beautiful features of your face and your look stays dashing for days to come.

Facial treatment combined with head massage

  • 15 min - 19€

What could be more relaxing than a head massage! Allow yourself to enjoy a small moment after the treatment in the knowledgeable hands of our beautician and feel how these tiny moments can increase your overall well-being.