Lashes and brows

The eyes are the mirror to our soul and our gaze often says more than a thousand words. It is no wonder, then, that the beautiful gaze has fascinated people through the ages and inspired numerous hymns and confessions of love. We at Sansa also know that the eyes matter. There are many different options to choose from to emphasize your individuality. Whether you want to emphasize your natural beauty or create the most eye-catching look there is, our professional will conjure up stunning frames for your eyes.


  • 120 min - 130€

In the treatment, the texture of the eyebrows is modified to stay better in place, which also makes them easier to control. Eyebrows look thicker and stay well-groomed for a long time. The permanent bending of the lashes naturally makes them more noticeable. The lashes are bent upwards from the base giving them length.


  • 60 min - 60€

Browlift makes your eyebrows more spectacular, bushy and beautifully shaped.

Eyebrow shaping (without color)

  • 15 min - 15€

Eyelash tinting

  • 15 min - 25€

Lash and brow tinting (includes brow shaping)

  • 30 min - 35€

Lash extensions (classic)

  • 120 min - 100€


  • 75 min - 90€

Removal of lash extensions

  • 30 min - 40€

Classic, maintenance

  • 60 min - 50€
  • 75 min - 60€
  • 90 min - 70€