Diamond peel


Diamond peel is a particularly effective deep cleaner as a treatment. The treatment effectively removes dead skin cells, creating clear and even skin surface. Oily skin types benefit from the fact that the treatment reduces sebum secretion and minimizes the size of your skin pores. Diamond peel is an excellent choice for uneven and scarred skin, and it also reduces puffiness on the face and around the eyes. With this treatment, you can achieve effective results in a pleasant and painless way. The treatment begins with a relaxing initial cleansing. After this, our beautician performs the device treatment, where possible lines, acne scars and impure areas of the skin can be treated effectively. This is followed by a lovely mask according to your own skin type, where nutrient-rich active ingredients are absorbed into the skin while you can relax in peace. Finally, finishing creams according to your skin will complete the treatment. You can admire the effects already after the first treatment. However, our cosmetologist is also happy to help draw up a treatment plan with you, where the treatments are carried out as a series of treatments and as part of a holistic well-being for your skin.



  • 75 min 90€